Do you wonder why I switched from writing to painting?

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During a discussion, I was asked why I liked painting seagulls.

At the time, I replied that it relaxed me... but it's more than that.

Painting is first of all coming out of oneself, expressing what is smouldering inside. I paint with my feelings, my anger, my passion, my sadness, my joy. So these paintings are a little bit of me.And ironically, it is a very intimate moment during which we find ourselves in front of each other. Painting is the moment I allow myself to be me without blush.

I also paint out of challenge, to prove to myself that I am capable of it, to refrain from fighting my fears of doing wrong, to overcome difficulties, to learn. And at the end of this challenge is a treasure: the pride, the self-confidence of the one who makes us look up and gives us weapons to face the world. To paint is to abstract oneself for a moment from the real world, nothing that makes up our daily lives is taken into account. It's an aside, an oasis in our routine. We forget each other...

Why do you say that? You will ask me.

A painting is a moment of life that materializes. I give a little of myself to others who have so much fear and modesty in revealing my feelings.And then painting is leaving a sensitive trace of your life as if to conjure up what is inevitable.

And you didn't talk about the seagulls?

To understand it, you have to have read my latest best seller: "SEAGULLS ON THE GANGES". But I know you need a clue to try to understand me. I have simply experienced too many coincidences, all of them involving a seagull. They have a great meaning for me and that's why I use them in all the arts I master, painting as writing.

I really encourage you all to take time for art, it has given my life a turning point and I am deeply convinced that it will give yours in turn.

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