I offer you some tips to find the inspiration to write.

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Get to know yourself.

Learn to observe the different cycles you go through during the day so that you can better organize yourself. For many of us, inspiration is at its peak in the late morning, after the coffee has had time to take effect, but before lunchtime. This is obviously not the case for everyone; the writer Hauki Marakami wrote all his books to him at sunrise. On the other hand, there are many night birds among us who produce their best work during the darkest hours.

Find your writing paradise:

Avoid sources of distraction. Your computer or mobile phone, for example, which constantly invites you to check your emails, to surf the net or to get lost in a never-ending association of clicks... Disorder can also be a source of distraction, constantly reminding you of your daily obligations. Sit in an orderly room where serenity reigns.

If you don't tell a true story you've lived through, don't restrict your creativity, think big.

Don't put any constraints on yourself. It is by being "too" ambitious that you will imagine new concepts. Once you have found a genius idea, you can think about how to bring it to life, taking into account the constraints imposed on you.

Talk to people with different profiles:

It is important to think differently. Of course, when you are alone to brainstorm, it is not easy. But it is certainly not impossible. There are many techniques for looking at things from the consumer's point of view, for example, but if you can talk to other people, whether or not they are close to you, do it!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) "Building 20" was an empty warehouse where the school housed professors from all disciplines including linguist Noam Chomsky due to lack of space in the other buildings on campus. In the end, this building saw the birth of the most innovative projects and discoveries of the twentieth century, until it was named "the magic incubator". Why has this place been so successful? It encouraged its occupants to interact with each other, something they might never have done considering their varied disciplines. All this in an informal environment.

What you need to remember here is very clear: when you are looking for concepts. Talk about it around you and take an interest in other people's projects. You can also rent an office in an interdisciplinary coworking space. You never know where (or from whom!) the inspiration will come from.

Let the night bring you advice

Sleep and dreams remain a mystery. All we know is that when we sleep, not only does our brain regain strength, but it also connects ideas to each other according to a logic that we do not understand. In other words, our brains are even more creative when we sleep.

Therefore the dreams we have are strange, but it also explains why the great epiphanies that humans have known have taken place in the night. Returning to the brainstorming thread after a good night's sleep may allow you to see things in a new light.

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