Why I travel as a solo woman and why I strongly recommend you to do the same

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I expand my culturally and emotionally. 

One of the best aspects of travel is the opportunity to be part of a different world from mine; many new foods, another language, another social approach, changing rhythms, religions and traditions. At first, these differences seemed strange to me - but I gave myself time to get used to them, do it and you will be surprised at how much your own world will expand after discovering another one.

We're all the same but we still have a lot to talk about. 

In our country of birth, our personal problems can seem terribly painful. Travelling is ideal for gaining a new perspective on life and helping us understand that all people on the planet face exactly the same difficulties, sadness and joys as we do in our daily lives. To realize this is anything but boring; on the contrary, it is incredibly refreshing!

You will learn to communicate from one culture to another

Whether it's buying fresh produce at the market, telling a taxi a route or just having a conversation over a cup of coffee, intercultural communication is difficult! But it is also extremely rewarding.

With practice, you will quickly learn to communicate complex ideas more simply despite the language barrier and to rely on the signs of others when they try to get you on track.

I'm out of my confort zone. 

If there is one way to stay exactly as you are, it's good to never question yourself or do something really new. But where would the pleasure be? Of course, you might feel comfortable and safe, but soon enough so much comfort would drive you crazy. The secret? Challenge you and learn how to meet them. There are no rules for a "good challenge" - it can be a conversation with strangers, a solo trip or a visit - or even a stay - in a country you know nothing about. Once you have taken up this challenge, the next one will seem much easier! I have long challenged my readers on their lifestyles, especially their food habits, but now I would like to challenge you to be happy, to stay happy to the end by discovering an endless world.

You will create memories for life.

If there is one thing that has attracted travellers since the dawn of time, it is to create memories. Whether it's beautiful views, strange new foods, experiences of nature or the precise moment when new friendships were born, your memories of travelling abroad will accompany you long after the ink on your passport has dried.

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