If you believe in meaningful coincidences, the possibility of an afterlife, the power of love and you love travel that transforms you ... you will love this heart-warming novel by Julie Stafford

... fiction, but based on this best-selling author's real life events ...


Travel with Ellie down India’s holiest river. Meet Rahul and his wise mother. Learn the significance of the word, ‘Moksha’: Ellie can’t imagine a more divine word to explain her unexpected, almost too-coincidental experiences, all involving a seagull, after the passing of the man that she has loved for ore than thirty years.

Follow Ellie to Dubrovnik where she is stunned to learn that Croatia's most famous love song is a song about a seagull. In delicate threads of homemade pasta, seasoned with just the right amount of "garlic and chili", generous portions of lobster, fish and clams, all fresh from the Adriatic a least likely restaurateur bullies Ellie back to life with 'Posip' (Croatia's most famous white wine usually served at banquets); the 'Lindo' (Croatia's popular dance) and a most profound lesson hiding in an inconsequential stone set firm in the walls of the Franciscan Church on Stradun (Dubrovnik's famous main street).
Venture even further to Paris with Ellie and feel her joy when she allows sleek, silky, sexy lingerie to caress her curves; and, discover why it's so important for her to suddenly own sets of lingerie rather than individual, comfortable pieces of underwear! There's an affair in the City of Love, and the mystery of Michael's painting is resolved. Were the birds in her late husband's painting doves? And, mysteriously did they become seagulls after he passed? But more importantly, why is it so important for Ellie to chase down the answer?​

​At 53, led by the whispers of her heart, Ellie meets with powerful meaningful coincidences that simply cannot be ignored. Her life will be changed forever.


(Debbie South Australia)
 Ellie’s journey has sparked a decision in me to throw caution to the wind and to break free from my acceptance of having a mediocre life. Instead there is a little voice urging me to take a leap of faith and to declare boldly (even just to myself) that I am heading for an extraordinary life. Like Ellie, I have no clue at all as to how this might unfold, but if I can adopt her strategy and trust the words uttered in my heart rather than listening to the irritating voice that would prefer I stay small, well who knows where life will take me. Ellie encourages us to be brave and bold. She wants us to be still, to be in the moment so that we can find those signposts, the meaningful coincidences that will light our way and help us to move forward when we feel hopelessly stuck. 

(Davina Victoria)
 As Ellie focuses on life without her great love she is soon made aware of influences and coincidences that make her ask is there is more to the life than what she could ever know. As she follows her heart in understanding these coincidences, her life takes on a new and exciting adventure taking her on wondrous and amazing travels, to breath-taking countries and cities. She meets extraordinary characters and introduces us to tantalising, exotic food. Ellie finds she is stronger than she ever thought capable, and braver than she ever thought possible. 

(Christine Victoria)
Ellie's transparent account of her journey entranced me with every page.  Ellie is so tuned into hers it is quite incredible. If you have never traveled this book will definitely change your mind. You must read this book. It will change your life forever.

(Kay Victoria)
I feel as though I about to take wings and fly…. The principle of life that weaves its magical way through Ellie’s story – synchronicity - has become so important to me as well.  Thank you so much Ellie for giving me the courage to stop being a victim of my circumstances. In your favourite Carl Jung’s words: “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”

(Dagmar Victoria)
Talk about synchronicity - our lives are filled with those special moments which create the colorful tapestries which make up our individual experiences. And it's the inner knowing and self awareness which makes it so exciting and helps us to move forward. Ellie has it all. Through her example it becomes a call to awaken what we may have forgotten, to contemplate, to move forward with courage, loving life to the fullest. Totally enjoyable. Thank you! It's been quite a journey for me to accompany Ellie on her life's journey! 

(Sue Victoria)
Oh Julie. I have just finished your 'Seagulls on the Ganges' while sipping on a fine glass of whisky. I have so enjoyed sharing your journey, it was such an easy read and I can so, so, so see it on the screen. Thank you so much for giving so much of yourself.

(Lisa Victoria)
There are some books that get under your skin. You feel as if the characters are your friends and there is a sense of loss as you come to the end. Days and even weeks after, you catch yourself thinking about those characters and wondering how they are, what they might be doing… and hoping for a sequel. ‘Seagulls on the Ganges’ was such a book for me. 

(Susan Victoria)
 ‘Seagulls on the Ganges’ is a tribute which honors such a love: the lovers and the loved. In losing Michael and the tangible and physical aspect of his love; I can only imagine the depth of such pain, loss and heartache. Ellie's' choice to bravely feel the brokenness of her heart allowed her to hear it whispering its wisdom to her. This resulted in her embarking on a journey of self-rediscovery, embracing the cycle of grief as a teacher. An honest, heart--moving and inspirational story where the reader can feel Ellie's tears of grief; can laugh with her awkwardness to embrace new love.

(Diane Victoria)
I thoroughly enjoyed every page of ‘Seagulls On the Ganges’. I think Ellie is one of the most wonderful, clever, brave, caring and inspirational people I have ever met, I look forward to more of Ellie's travels along the way, I am sure there is more to inspire us yet.

(Malley Victoria)